Meet the Team

Joy Parvin

Joy Parvin & Gayle Pook, Co-Directors
Joy and Gayle are responsible for the overall strategy, business planning, finance and fund raising, direction and management of CIEC Promoting Science. In addition, they participate in the delivery of continuing professional development of teachers, writing and editing of curriculum materials, and dissemination of CIEC’s work at national and international conferences.

Gayle Pook

Nicky Waller, Advisory Teacher
My current role with CIEC has evolved since starting as an advisory teacher for the Children Challenging Industry project seven years ago. Teaching the CCI project is now just one part of what I do. I also plan, lead and present a vast range of exciting courses for primary teachers, mainly at my local Science Learning Centre in Durham and the National Science Learning Centre in York. In addition to this I write and edit educational resources for teachers, many of these linking with industry and making the real world accessible to Primary aged children.

Nicky Waller

Sue Andrews

Sue Andrews, Advisory Teacher
I am based in the North West and I have worked for CIEC, as an advisory teacher for the last 11 years. I coordinate the CCI project across the region, train industrialists to plan exciting site visits for children and to work as ambassadors in local schools.
Other responsibilities include professional development leader for the National Science Learning Centre, hub leader for the Primary School Quality Mark and coordinating a project building sustainable relationships between high school teachers, feeder primary schools and University STEM departments. I also develop written resources.
Tanya Shields, Advisory Teacher
I am one of the CIEC Advisory Teachers and I work mainly with the National Science Learning Centre and the Yorkshire and the Humber Science Learning Centre (Sheffield Hallam University).  I am responsible for course development and delivery in all areas of primary science including subject leadership, the use of ICT and provision for gifted and more able pupils.  I am also part of the team developing innovative industry focused teaching materials.

Tanya Shields

Jenny Harvey

Jenny Harvey, Advisory Teacher
I recently joined Nicky to deliver the CCI programme in the North East. My role in this well-established programme is to provide CPD in schools for the whole staff on effective science-industry links; classroom-based CPD for one teacher in each school; arrange site visits to science-based manufacturing companies; and provide training for new companies joining the programme to ensure high quality, curriculum-relevant visits to the workplace.
Valmai Firth, Administrator
I act as the link between all members of the team, who are out and about in schools and delivering courses. My admin duties include liaising with the CIEC team, the University and the public and I am the first point of contact if you speak to or mail CIEC. I am also involved in every stage of producing our printed resources, especially with the design and layout.

Valmai Firth

Lizzie Hubbard

Lizzie Hubbard, Reference Editor
My main responsibility is publicity where I try to let as many teachers, industrialists and the public at large know all about what we do at CIEC! I produce the CIEC Updates, write articles about our work and keep the team up to date regarding conferences and other events.
I also look after reference publications. Most recently I was involved with editing The Essential Chemical Industry.
Cliff Cliff Porter and Mike Dunn have been involved with resource development, particularly several of the CIEC Promoting Science web projects. Their main function, however, is to represent the male of the species. Mike