Secondary Education

Science has immediate application in our everyday lives, a direct impact on materials, consumer products, energy supplies, food, health and the environment. CIEC works to support the teaching and learning of science.

Key Stages 3 & 4

CIEC creates resources to help pupils and students understand science through the context in which it is encountered, and the industries that rely on it.

Through a combination of resource packs, reference books and free-access web sites, many areas of the science curriculum are covered, from polymers, chlorine and hydrogen to food additives, sustainability and risk.

Post-16 Science

Some publications are aimed specifically at post-16 studies, including the popular reference book The Essential Chemical Industry (now in its fifth edition), its companion volume, The Essential Plastics Industry, and two of our web sites, Catalysis and Greener Industry.

Secondary resources

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Web resources cover a wide range of topics, including Risk, Sustainability and Food Additives.

Secondary Web Resources

The sites listed here have been produced by CIEC:

* Aimed at Post 16 students